• Revolutionising the Content Screening Experience

    A flexible way for content distributors to drastically improve how they screen, engage and connect with buyers

ONE was developed and is continually refined by Rawnet, an award winning digital agency with over 15 years’ experience in the broadcast industry.


Sales teams enjoy actionable insights from the ONE platform, allowing for a more personalised buying process both online and in person. At market, automated meeting follow ups and a fully integrated CRM allow for a smoother experience for both the sales team and the buyer.



Buyer insights 2017

View the results from Rawnet & Broadcast International’s survey around what buyers really want, what’s important to them when looking for and purchasing content and how they see digital driving the future of content consumption.



Fully customisable to encompass your brand, the ONE platform acts as an extension of your website, promoting a sleek, engaging user experience. At Market, the screening system is sorted with full iPad and TV screening technology available from the same video database as the website, locally stored and available at the touch of a button.



With sales and marketing teams operating more effectively, the void between the two departments is finally bridged. A full ROI can be expected after just one market, as both the operational and sales processes become more sleek.



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Why did we develop ONE?

Walking around MIP, and viewing the B2B websites that the industry are currently using, it’s very clear that the industry as whole is behind when it comes to leveraging digital to aid programme sales. It seemed no one was particularly happy with their system and making compromises with technology became the norm. We know it doesn’t have to be this way, and have since been helping companies show their content in the best possible way, whilst giving them buyer insights they can really benefit from.